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Dr. Kerin Groves
Career Coach
What will you do NEXT?
Kerin Groves, PhD, is a career coach. She empowers students, young adults, and parents to engage in proactive and intentional career exploration by providing student career coaching, parent consults, career guidance books, and live or online classes and workshops.

Edward S.

I have a short list of people that have molded and shaped my life in such a positive way and I'm happy to say Kerin is one of them. (Byron F.)

Folks around us don't listen. Dr. Groves listens well. Her questions penetrate and are insightful. Very helpful. Can't recommend highly enough.

Jeanette L.

Kerin was compassionate and understanding from our first meeting. I have only been to a few sessions with her but have seen so much progress in myself. I am getting in touch with what I want and improving communication. Kerin would say that I did all these things, but she gave me permission to be myself and that is powerful thing.

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