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meet our co-op leads

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Elizabeth Griswold

Hello fellow homeschool parent! My name is Elizabeth, and I live in Encinitas with my hubby and three kids. Wow, what an incredible journey it has been homeschooling so far! I felt led to take the leap and homeschool 3 years ago, ironically while in the thick of touring preschools for my oldest child. The spark was lit, we went on faith, and haven't looked back! I believe we moms (and Dads) deserve the connection and friendships WE need to thrive on this journey.  I'm so looking forward to connecting with you!


Serena Silberman

After seeing my son struggle to connect with his teacher at one of the best private schools in our area we decided to switch to a small preschool. Our friend was his teacher and I became her assistant. That year of seeing and observing what is actually taught to children and after learning more about neurology of the brain and the language we use my curiosity about homeschooling was sparked. My parents both taught at a university level and did a worldwide study on all of the different educational methods and philosophies. I grew up going to Montessori and Waldorf school. Because of this I bring elements of both to our homeschool.  My husband and I are both Naturopaths so we bring as much nature into their education as possible.