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Kensington, CA, USA

and surrounding areas

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Meet Our Community Leadership

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Amanda Medina

Hi there, I am Amanda, mother of two girls. One of my main priorities at this point is to create and find community with other fellow homeschooling families. Our family has quite a story, spanning over states, countries, cultures and even continents. I'm currently combining this new adventure of homeschooling my girls together with my husband, with running a business as a freelance translator, running a blog and podcast, as well as writing my first book. I love bringing people together and my intention as a mother and as a co-op lead is to bring together a village for our children to grow up with, where they can feel secure and protected, while also learning to meet challenges, build confidence and work to meet their full potential. I believe in building confidence from within, together in community.

Jessica "Coco" Borynack

Hi, I'm Coco. My real name is Jessica, but Coco is my family's nickname for me. I have three kids: two boys and one girl - located in Tierrasanta. A little bit about our background: We're new-ish to homeschooling. Although I was homeschooled myself for most of my education, this is my kids' first official year starting and they began mid-semester last year. They are a part of a local charter. Currently I work remotely as a CART Captioner and provide live captions (exactly like the ones you see on TV) for people who are deaf or hard of hearing -- or who just enjoy the accessibility of captions!

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