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Little Shepherds Nature Lab
Connecting people to themselves, each other, and the earth with the power of embodied learning.
Little Shepherds Nature Lab is a private, membership-based educational resource focused on personal and family wellness, life-skill building, food justice, creative literacy, earth sciences, animal husbandry, the expressive arts, and environmental stewardship. We host pop-up programs throughout San Diego County, including (and unlimited to): summer sessions, writing workshops, on-site field trips, and after-school enrichment.


"My kids had a blast at the Words & Worms workshop last week. I've never seen them so enthusiastic about writing in a journal before. They've been writing every day since!"

-Frida (age 9)

"This was the best day of my life."


"Watching Gina and AB educate and inspire all these kids deepens my belief that there is a better way to educate future generations."

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