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I am the mom of two girls (born in Nov 2012 and Oct 2016). We started homeschooling during Covid and saw such a benefit that we decided to stick with it. I always wanted to homeschool but never thought it was possible, and one good thing out of Covid was realizing it is possible! I like to outsource our homeschooling and have been utilizing a nanny that has been with us since 2017 along with a charter. My husband and I both work full time. I work from home 100% for a large software company as an Executive Recruiter.

Starting in Jan 2023 we will be utilizing Thrive for two days and an outdoor program for one. I will be home with them Thursdays and Fridays with an adjusted work schedule. I am looking forward to connecting with other moms that are open for play dates and building a community of friends.

Health and well-being are incredibly important to me and I follow a clean way of living. My kids and I have food intolerances and it’s important for me to have them feel included and not left out. I am passionate about emotional intelligence and am involved in life coaching on the side. I love gardening, hiking, playing sports and being outside.