Hello! My name is Samantha! I am a mom of two girls, wife and business owner and have been homeschooling since 2019.

I knew I wanted to homeschool, but started much sooner then I thought. I took 1 year prior to educate myself as much as possible at all of the different options out there for homeschooling. I was scared and excited all wrapped into one! 

Each year has grown and evolved as we find our way on this amazing journey of homeschooling. The one thing that I learned quickly is how important creating your community is.

I first started with hosting moms in my home to talk about all things homeschooling.

From those gatherings it was expressed from many of the moms that co-ops were needed, a gathering of kids and their parent to have fun outings, learning opportunities and community.

North County Homeschool Collective was born and has grown with the collaboration of this amazing lady to my right, Sara Shields and is where we are today! 

Welcome! We are happy you have landed here! 

Hello, welcome!

My name is Sara. I am a wife and mother. We have three children whom we have homeschooled since 2014. It was always my intention to educate my children at home and we are each blessed to have the opportunity to do just that.  

Our family moved to Oceanside in the Fall of 2020 where shortly after I connected with Samantha and North County Homeschool Collective. Samantha invited me into her home for a gathering where she introduced me to an amazing group of local homeschooling families. From that day forward I have had the pleasure of supporting the Collective in it's growth in so many amazing ways. Samantha and I have seen the needs changing around us and we both wanted to provide more for our group. We came to realize this website was needed so it is our hope that this will aid in the gaps that we have come across. 


Our dream is to build a community that can grow with each family and their needs.  

To support our members each step of the way through their homeschool journey.  

To share thoughts, ideas, experiences, struggles, and triumphs.  

To walk together on this collective homeschooling path.



Samantha Sarsilmaz