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Community Collecitves

Having community can be a vital part of any homeschooler's journey, whether it be simple meet-ups or special events. Our Community Collectives are made up of Homeschool Collective families created to provide social interaction for children and parents alike. 

Let us help guide you to finding the perfect fit. 


Find a Collective

Join a Collective

Start a Collective

Trying to find a homeschool group in your area?

Search through all of our current Community Collective groups to find the closest one to you!

Already found your group or just want to dive in?!

Become a free member of Homeschool Collective and request to join a Community Collective today!

You can start your own Community Collective!

We are growing fast, but sometimes we don't have a group in an area or maybe the existing group is the wrong age group or maybe it something else.  A great solution is to lead your own Collective!

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