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Learn & Play Outdoors
Enrichment classes while showing ways to feel calmer
To appreciate and take care of nature

CalmingBee is the result of my life experiences, education, and a lot of love! Growing up in South America among nature, playing in the creeks, riding horses, feeling that freedom and connection with nature has been one of the motivators of wanting to share CalmingBee with others.

At the age of 15, I had my own business teaching art classes to children and adults. My mother was a well-known sculptor. My house was a massive art studio surrounded by sculptures. More than half of the house was a big factory with more than 2,000 ceramic molds, huge ovens, with 18 employees, and boxes ready to be exported to Europe and the US.

Once I moved to the US, I graduated with a psychology degree and worked in the field of Behavior Analysis for many years. During those years, I had the privilege to learn directly from an amazing Rhodes Scholar and other Harvard graduate doctors.

I encountered people in my life that encouraged me to start CalmingBee. They saw my passion and ability to connect with children. They believed in me and saw the love in my heart. We need more of these kinds of people in our lives; to help us believe in ourselves and celebrate our uniqueness.

I want to be that kind person for your child and others.

I want to see the love in them, believe in them, and help them have a calming, nurturing, and beautiful time learning in nature at CalmingBee.

San Diego, CA 92119
(407) 749-3685

- V. Rodz

This program has helped my son to develop better social skills, to be patient and to work as part of a team. Before this program he had a bad school experience but thanks to Calming bee he now enjoys being part of a group again. The kindness and professionalism of Miss Marcela has helped my son become well integrated. I am deeply grateful to Calming bee for the care and excellence.

- V. Church

Before my daughter started at Calming Bee with Ms.Marcela she was shy& scared to do things independently from me but now she not only has confidence in herself but with learning/ group problem solving with other kids as well. She comes home with more understanding of Spanish, math & ways to emotionally regulate all while getting the outside time she wants/needs.

- Tania V

CalmingBee is truly exceptional!

Ms. Marcela and Ms. Gloria create a warm and welcoming environment, making us feel right at home. My son really enjoys his time here and gets to engage in activities he loves, like creating art with clay and exploring beautiful stories and poems that they work together to create. We are grateful to have found CalmingBee and would definitely recommend it to anyone seeking a nurturing nature school experience.💕😊

- J. Domínguez

My 3 & 6 year old attended Marcela's classes and they both loved going there. I love that her classes are small in comparison to other nature schools. My boy attended another nature school and he was constantly overstimulated and he could never remember anything he learned whereas with Marcela he could tell me every activity they did and he would always come home calm.... yes they are true to their name!!

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