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Anytime there are events of any kind that will benefit our homeschool families we want to share them with you.  Whether it is a simple Meet-Up, Field Trips, Camps or Workshops this is the place to find them.


Special Events



We try and provide events like vendor expos, maker's markets, camps and more!

We usually have a great mix of Homeschool Collective run events as well as third-party events that we sponsor to provide an array of activities for homeschool families.

Want to know more about homeschooling?

We have created workshops to provide support for homeschooling parents no matter what phase of the process you are currently in. 

Our goal is to provide support to create a sustainable homeschool journey.

Building community is key!

Most of our meet-ups can be found within each of our Community Collectives near you.  So if you haven't found your Collective yet go to JOIN A COLLECTIVE now.  But sometimes there are meet-ups that we like to share with everyone to help you connect with new families.

Coming Soon
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