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EMH Sports
The cornerstone of our PE program emphasizes Fun, Fitness, and Friendship.
Our simple premise is to create a fun and safe environment for kids under the supervision of trained instructors. EMH provides skill-based P.E. instruction for the homeschool network for grades K-12th including Adapted Physical Education Services.

- H. Hall

“We have enjoyed our PE classes with EMH over the years and

especially working with Coach Jason. He does such a good job

connecting with all the kids - from the little ones to the high schoolers. I have four boys who have gone though EMH classes, and I really appreciate the connection Coach Jason seeks to make with all the students - encouraging them in their athletic skills, making personal

connections with them (even giving some of them nicknames), as well as fostering good sportsmanship. I highly recommend EMH!”

- C. Gonzalez

“My daughter had a wonderful experience this year and went from dreading taking this class to loving it.”

- R. Reza

“Coach Jason is an amazing person who cares deeply about the kids he is responsible for. He's enthusiastic, attentive, makes things fun yet is also not afraid so give correction when needed. My son respects Jason

very much and appreciates all that he does. He's says he's awesome and cool, and loves attending class.”

- J. Duran

“Coach Lisa is absolutely incredible. She has made our first experience so fun. Coach Lisa is 100% the reason I am adding my youngest daughter to join in. Coach Lisa is kind, energetic, inclusive and fun! I am extremely impressed with how she handles all the different types and ages of children in our group and we couldn't be happier!”

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