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Freedom of Choice Student Center Homeschool, Inc.
We're not just a homeschool. We're a homeschool community. We built this for you.
The Freedom of Choice Student Center Homeschool is a solution to homeschooling without having your children homeschooled with you.

Our journey began after Kathy, a school counselor, was fired from her school district for not covering her face. So together, Kathy and Dan, a school administrator, started a private counseling business that quickly turned into a homeschool away from home.

Together, we created a safe, alternative PK-12th grade homeschool where parents have peace of mind because we pride ourselves in embracing the pursuit of excellence both inside and outside the classroom by teaching children how to think, not what to think. We recognized that so many families want and need a safe, alternative place for their children to learn. So, we created the Freedom of Choice Student Center Homeschool. "WE BUILT THIS FOR YOU!"

We are a non-profit homeschool offering an in-person Classical Education in a comfortable learning space free of mandates or political bias. We are M-TH from 9 am-1 pm with after-school hour options until 4 pm. Our programs are taught by qualified teachers that facilitate hands-on learning where students are able to apply their knowledge to real-life situations. Our students learn in a positive learning environment where they collaborate, build solid friendships, and have fun. The parents have fun also by meeting other families and watching their children, no matter what their age, come home with a smile on their faces. It's important to us to have created a school in which we would want our own children to be. That's why we're not just a homeschool, we're a community.
1890 Hacienda Dr.
Vista, CA 92081
(760) 586-1376

K. Castillo -Parent

I love that everyone has a smile on their face in the morning and afternoon every day. It has been such a positive experience for my son. He looks forward to coming to school each day and I consider that a huge win!


I’ve seen a significant change and improvement in my daugher's desire and enjoyment of learning as well as an improvement in her critical thinking and communication skills. 

K. Howard-Parent

"I have seen such a change in her in just the time she's been there; this beats homeschool and public school any day. She's excited for school and excited to learn! Her mental function, critical thinking, reasoning skills and language use have improved in such a short time"  

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