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Kidwings Nature School
Kidwings Is A Magical “Classroom” With The Sky As Its Roof, Where Kids Have Wings To Fly With The Freedom To Explore And Be Themselves.
KIDWINGS is a 100% outdoor nature/forest Kindergarten, summer camp and Homeschool enrichment program located in beautiful sunny San Diego. Operating year-round, KW offers half-day programming for ages 3-11 and a memorable nature camp experience in the summer months. We offer enrichment classes across the Central area of San Diego. Our foundation is based on the Scandinavian Forest School model, taking the best of each alternative educational model like Waldorf, Reggio Emilia and Montessori. Our goal is to make children connect with their hearts through nature, free play, and creativity. We provide a loving space that supports children’s wellbeing through nature stories (nurturing and healing), movement (yoga moves), creative art, meditation (breathing), and music (we sing songs as we dance with the flowers and trees).
San Diego, CA
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